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I Am An Amazon Associate

   29 July 2004, early evening

My friend Dave displays the album covers of the CDs he is listening to the most on front of his web site. Amazon’s little pictures are useful. I stole the HTML code Dave uses, swapped the ASINs and everything seemed to work. You can see a little picture of the Signs DVD in my review of Signs. Clicking on the picture takes you to the Amazon page for the Signs DVD.

Now, here is where things get corrupt. All these people on the Textpattern forum were going on about wanting a plugin to access the Amazon API. MTAmazon is a very popular plugin for Moveable Type. I never understood the appeal of such plugins till I realized all these people are probably members of Amazon’s Associates program. In a nut shell, Amazon gives you a commission from the stuff they sell when people get to their site via yours. So, the way I see it, if a billion people read my site, and they each buy 5-10 copies of Signs, I will be a millionaire. And I didn’t even do anything. I’m a freaking genius.

If you ever link to Amazon, you may as well take the time to sign up for their associates program. When you link to Amazon you are basically advertising for them. You may as well take whatever form of reimbursement they are willing to offer.



  1. I was actually curious about how many people, if any, have used Amazon’s Associates program.

  2. you’re such a capitalist at heart.

  3. Thanks for pimping my (future) employer. :-)

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