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   30 March 2005, evening time

I wasted my time today heading down to Bloor and Spadina to check out a photo-mart in the area. Annex Photo was recommended to me in a reply to an Ask.Mefi thread I posted some time back. I wanted to get a roll of 400 ISO film that I had pushed to 800 ISO developed. Shoppers Drug Mart does this just fine, so I expect proper photo-marts to be able to accomplish such a task.

I was told Annex Photo couldn’t develop my film as ISO 800; they’d have to send it out, and that would cost a lot of money. The place was already quite expensive, so I can only imagine how much sending it out would cost. Worse of all though, the guy helping had no idea why I pushed my film the way I did. He thought I should set my ISO lower and overexpose all my photos. If I wanted to use slow film I would; I’d also probably carry a tripod and not take pictures of anything that moves.

I’m so disappointed. I love the Shoppers Drug Mart near my house, but they have a bad habit of scratching my negatives. My search for a good photo-mart in Toronto continues.

Update: The Shoppers at King and Yonge is good. Now you know.



  1. Yeah I hate it when I see weird things on my prints. You should find some cheap black and white film. The one you recommended me was $6.99 at blacks.

  2. I’ve had good luck with Aden (Yonge & Elm) and Downtown Camera on Queen.

  3. In my experience, westcam is pretty much the best, but it’ll cost you. However, I’d rather pay a bit more and know they’re not going to mess it up. The rebate framing is a nice touch, too.

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