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Apple's "It's Showtime" Event

   12 September 2006, early morning

Apple’s big iPod event of the year is happening today. There is lots of speculation as to what will be announced, but we won’t know for certain till 10:00 Pacific Time. I’m hoping for an iPhone or some such nonsense. Or something that is totally insane and unexpected. Chances are after today you’ll be able to buy 8 gig iPod nanos at the very least.

Update: As expected, we have fancier iPods, but nothing shocking was announced. You can buy movies through iTunes now, though DVDs seem like a better deal to me. Gizmodo has detailed coverage of the event.



  1. Biggest announcement of the day:
    Green Ipod Nano’s.

  2. I wonder who buys stuff like that? The shuffle is looking cool.

  3. THe shuffle looks amazing. Also the iTV looks nice.

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