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   17 January 2005, early morning

I read on metafilter today that someone has made a documentary about Japan’s very notorious photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki. I’ve always thought of Araki as an avant-garde pornographer, but people do consider him to be an excellent photographer. There is definitely a distinct style to his photos. I think the way he lights shots and poses his women is interesting. One thing is for certain, the man does have a real fondness for the pussy; no doubt about that.

Update: I received an email from a fellow involved with this film earlier today:

I was searching around and found that you had posted about Arakimentari, the documentary on Nobuyoshi Araki. I’m working on the film, and wanted to let you know that it’s New York release will be January 21st-February 4th at the Imaginasian Theater.

Apparently it has taken quite some time for the movie to finally make it out to the cinemas. I originally posted this link February 17th 2004. That’s almost a year ago. The movie business is apparently more complicated then I thought. I’m hoping they’ll show the movie up here in Canada. It looks quite interesting.



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