A painting of me

AGO Staff: I assume you’re a member?
Me, sitting, drinking a coffee: Yes I’m a mother fucking member — jack ass. Why the fuck else would I be drinking a coffee in the members lounge?
Inside the AGO Members Lounge. I may be paraphrasing more than a little bit. (Coincidently, Shima and I had actually renewed our memberships two days earlier.) We went on the Grange tour after which was really interesting.


  1. Why do we keep going back? I mean, we obviously don’t fit the profile of the type of people who belong at the AGO or it’s restaurant, Frank.

    …Maybe the staff at the AGO need some sensitivity training.

  2. The problem is that the AGO is really awesome.

  3. Keep going.
    They need to get with the program of who goes to the AGO…and it’s not only the profile that they aspire to.
    They can’t continue to take members money and treat them badly.
    Keep going, and complain in writing when you aren’t treated the way that you should be, as paying members.

  4. i’d be fucking flipping out if i was you guys. seriously.

    if you don’t write a badass complaint letter with lots of f-bombs i’ll be seriously disappointed.

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