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Bangalore (and Mysore) — Jan 29th - Jan 31st

   13 April 2010, lunch time

The rest of our time in Bangalore was spent loitering around Gandhi Bazaar, for the most part. It was pretty relaxing. We got quite comfortable with the area. My pictures of Bangalore on Flickr. (Or IMG VQVZ) We also travelled to Mysore for a quick day trip. In hindsight we probably should have spent a bit more time in Mysore. There was so much to see in that area. My pictures of Mysore on Flickr. (Or IMG VQVZ) I took these notes to myself on my iPhone, hence the strange change in tense, poor grammar, and what have you.

Jan 29th

JD Salinger died while we were in India. I think today.

Picked up a shirt. Ordered a ton more.

Tintu’s house is a real hotspot. While they were all out group after group showed up looking for them.

The Tree

Sitting in the park across the street from Tintu’s. It looks to be built to accommodate a giant ass tree. There is a woman living in the park with her little girl.

Off for non-veg with Tintu and Tampi. Couldn’t find the first place we wanted to go, so we went to an Andhra (Pradesh) place. So hot. Ice Cream after. That was a good lunch.

Shima is still sick.

Vaishnivi is telling us everything we need to know about everything. And now she is singing. This little girl is going to be an astronaut or something.

Jan 30th

Mysore bound. Shima still doesn’t feel well. It’s making me more than a little sad.


Had a McChicken at McDonalds for breakfast. Seriously.

There are lots of farms on the outskirts of Mysore.


Srirangapatna Police

Started things off with the Srirangapatna temple. There are so many people peddling crap in front of the temple.

A Peaceful March

Mr. K and the Virgin Mary

Went to a church where there was a multi-faith procession to protest recent vandalism against churches in Mysore.

Slippers and Lines

The Bulls of Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills was packed. So packed. We didn’t go into the temple.

Non-veg at the Sandesh hotel. So good. Also most expensive meal in India thus far.

Mysore Castle

The Mysore palace was also packed. Not like a temple though. I had to check my camera. What? The guys selling shit in front of the palace are aggressive as hell. I wanted to give them money to go away. Also I felt bad for them. They are so desperate.

Drinks and short eats at Shoba’s parents home.

Line Up

Brindavan Gardens at Night

Brindavan gardens, like the rest of Mysore, is packed. Pretty. You have to pay 50 rupees to bring a camera into the park. Dis. Also, you aren’t supposed to shoot video.

Jan 31st

Shima is still sick.


Bought tiffen boxes and tumblers. I feel pretty comfortable in our little strip of Bangalore. Bumped into Tintu and his family while out for our walk.

Ordered a chowmien for Shima’s dad. Only in South India would they still chop up green chillies if you ask then to make it less spicy.


My shirts and pants are looking good. 3 pants and 4 shirts cost me about $230. You can find stuff here for less. Most of that is materiel costs. Tailoring was $30.

Relaxed. Hung out at Tintu’s


A Girl on the Street

Waiting on the Street

Early Morning in Gandhi Bazaar

Gandhi Bazaar



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