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Barak Obama has a Podcast.

   22 September 2005, late at night

Perhaps I was too harsh on Podcasting. Whether it is a fad that will last or not remains to be seen. For the time being we can all enjoy listening to the brilliant Barak Obama, the man who should be president, speak on current events and politics. You can listen to Podcasts in iTunes, but I think Odeo is a much better application for finding and listening to Podcasts. (Check out the Odeo page for Barak Obama’s Podcast.) The Odeo widget is the best way to listen to Podcasts, in my humble opinion.



  1. That man is my saviour. I still remember the first time I heard his voice, driving in the dark listening to NPR, and there was this man who was eloquent and intelligent and actually saying something. I thought I’d fallen into some other reality where all the rules were reversed.

  2. “republicans are the party of bad ideas, democrats the party of no ideas”

    it’s nice to see a democrat with something to say. Howard Dean was like that before he went crazy. Obama even went to the UN to talk about Darfur! I didnt even know anyone in the US still cared about Sudan.

    the democrats seriously need to fast-track this guy to the whitehouse.

  3. The latest Podcast talks about has him talking about Georgia’s Poll tax in the making. This guy is the man.

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