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Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0

   27 February 2007, terribly early in the morning

Battlestar Galactica split their second season in half. I finally bought the two DVD sets that make up the second season, after waiting a year or so for them to make a combined box set. I finally watched all of Season 2.0 over the weekend, and started into Season 2.5. Battlestar Galactica is pretty dark as far as sci-fi goes. Season 2.0 was clearly a bit more bleak than the first season, but the mid season finale, where they find the Pegasus, was something else. The show has entered a whole new realm of fucked up. Battlestar is easily the best show on TV. I think the only people who could doubt that are people that haven’t seen the show.



  1. FYI: redacting text doesn’t work in bloglines. I’m glad they renewed for another season. Apparently the switch from Friday to Sunday caused a big drop off in viewers.

  2. Argh! That kind of defeats the point of all the redacting. At least in this case the reference is hopefully obtuse enough to not mean much to anyone. I wonder how many seasons the show will run for.

  3. Third season is kind of bleh though. 2nd season gets boring near the end.
    First few episodes are easily the best the series has to offer. They need more space fights and less “omg you’re having my child” style drama.

    More Wing Commander, less Days of Our Lives. Plzkthx.

  4. I have to agree with Iluvitar; it (sadly) all to clearly shows that they’re trying to appeal to a viewer segment which… isn’t really compatible with the show I’m afraid. Way too much “love-triangle, he loves, she loves, let’s get together, hold on, let’s not, oh wait, let’s do, maybe”. But there were a couple of stronger episodes in the season as well (and some really amazing scenes…).

  5. I love all the drama. I think it’s well done. I think the show would be pretty boring if it was just space fights and technobabble. The relationships between all the characters, the various conflicts, are what I like about the show. The fact they do a good job with the space fights — really the entire way its filmed — is a bonus.

  6. I agree with Sencer and Iluvitar, there is currently an imbalance of drama vs space combat. I liked the fact that there was a mix, and I also like the “charged sexuality” of the early drama. Now the drama really is just plain old daily “drama” that couples and friends drum up.

    Really another show could do that just as well. For example, the last 3 episodes have not even had a single space fight (pretty sure). I used to wait with bated breath for each episode, but the most recent episode is actually just sitting on my PVR languishing.

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