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Battlestar meets Smallville

   3 December 2006, late evening

Episode 18 in Smallville’s 4th season opens with Chloe trying to blow up the school midway through the prom. The next scene, which clearly takes place at an earlier point in time, starts with her and Lana discussing the upcoming prom. Midway into the discussion, a posse of Mean Girls wanders over: two white chicks and a black chick. Who plays non-descript black girl #1? Why, it’s none other than Dee from Battlestar Galactica. Television worlds collide. Episode 18 is awesome. Martha Kent possessed by an 18 year old is pretty funny. I also enjoyed Lois in a prom dress. Yummy. (“Did you pin this on me? Pretty close to the boob don’t you think.”) I love watching Smallville.



  1. no dude, that’s the vancouver tv world colliding.

    also, just stop watching smallville. it peaked (and not very high) in season 3. i caught 2 episodes this season and they were beyond bad.

    as for battlestar, that show is only getting better. my girlfriend enjoys making fun of the fact that i like a show called ‘battlestar galatica’ but holy crap is it good.

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