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Blansdowne FTW!

   16 July 2009, early morning

3-speed has opened up down the road from me, just a bit West of Dufferin and Bloor. The bar is owned by the same people that own The Communist’s Daughter. I was there last night with some people from DIG IN. It was a bit shocking for a few reasons: a) the place was packed b) with young hip 20-somethings c) and no degenerates. Blansdowne is changing. Starving Artist and The Holy Oak Cafe both opened up within a few weeks of each other. Starving Artist is almost always packed, not always with people from the area, and serves awesome waffles. Holy Oak seems to cater to people in the area more, and seems to be doing well enough. Every time I’ve gone there are a few people hanging out doing whatever it is people do in cafes. It’s a nice spot as well. Calico, a Vegan place, opened up last week down the road from Holy Oak. Further down the road a new (proper) Mexican place opened up as well. And further still there’s a new Trinidadian place, 3-Chelles. When I moved here I called Blansdowne the lamest strip on Bloor. I figured it would change. I’m pretty sure it has.



  1. Hi there, i was wondering if anyone can help me, i am considering moving to dupont & lansdowne area; any opinion on this area – could really use some help, not from toronto

  2. It’s a lot more stark and industrial than bloor and lansdowne. As you go North towards Davenport it’s more residential. Lots of houses and new development. Right at Dupont and Lanadowne There are some lofts and old factories. There is also this apartment building that used to be infamous for drugs and prostitution and just being a shitty building. It’s probably nicer being closer to Bloor since you are near the subway. That said, the whole area is still pretty shady as neighbourhoods in Toronto go.

  3. wow Ramanan, thank you so much for commenting back; i very much appreciate your feedback – is it safe to walk around that area at night? the house i am supposed to be looking at is on St Clarens, closer to dupont; i question whether i should still do that based on your comment and what info i have seen on-line (what i found was bad, red-flag type stuff, but it was dated); Toronto Life has that area as “up and coming” and soon to be gentrified; is that BS? thanks so much

    PS – I love reading your stuff! the toaster, the sign at Club Paradise – very funny

  4. My wife walks home by herself pretty late at night fairly regularly. And she’s been doing so for a couple years now. Same with me. I think the main drag is quite safe. I know a few people who live on St. Clarens, and I haven’t heard any real complaints from them about coming home late. One thing they do complain about is people using the laneway for sex and/or selling drugs. Though, I’m not sure if that is still a big problem.

    The area is definitely changing. There are galleries opening up, a bunch of new restaurants and bars, and White people are displacing all the Portuguese. If that’s not gentrification I don’t know what is.

    You really need to walk around the area and see if you like it. I love living here.

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