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Bloglines vs. Kinja

   10 June 2004, the wee hours

I’ve taken to using an online news reader called Bloglines. Bloglines is very similar to Kinja, though the layout of two programs differ. Kinja, which I have spoken about earlier, displays all the weblogs you read together on one page, as a sort of aggregated weblog. Bloglines takes a different approach, and instead lists all the weblogs you subscribe to in one frame, and highlights those which have new articles for you to read. Bloglines was released much earlier then Kinja, and I think for this reason may have stolen a lot of Kinja’s thunder. Bloglines is just a news reader, so you can only use it to subscribe to, and read, RSS and Atom feeds. Kinja can process some pages that don’t have feeds, for example, Matt’s page—Matt, add an RSS feed to your page already.



  1. I was a Bloglines user until I came across Waggr – http://www.waggr.com

    I think Waggr is much simpler to use, and has a much quicker interface. I highly recommend it.

  2. I’ll have to check it out at work. No support for Safari? You’re not going to make friends here till you fix that.

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