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British Sea Power @ Lee's Palace

   18 May 2005, early evening

Last night, after watching Crash and eating Chinese food with Dave, I headed off to Lee’s palace to try and catch British Sea Power in concert. Laura and Heather, two friends of Tyler’s I have successfully annexed (or have they annexed me?) already had tickets to the show, so I thought I’d try my luck getting in. Sometimes I’m lucky. I walked to the door, and the guy in front of me was asking the bouncer how he can return a ticket he had bought online. That was convenient. $15 dollars later I was inside. I found my friends and listened to the opening act play. They were good, though I don’t think the girls were as impressed. British Sea Power were quite good; definitely a band my brother would have liked. They played British pop/rock music. Heather thinks the lead singer sounds a lot like David Bowie, and I would agree. I also think he sounds a bit like Bryan Adams. The show was quite long, and quite good. They made their exit in a somewhat cliche but nevertheless impressive crazy rock-and-roll fashion: climbing on top of speakers, jumping into the crowd, and basically acting like maniacs. Torontoist has put up a few MP3s of the bands music, so you can give them a listen.



  1. See, I told you you’d like them. Also: your chicken was goood.

  2. Oh I was impressed by the first band, alright. It’s not every night of the week that you see Topher Grace’s SECRET IDENTICAL TWIN rocking out with a trumpet.

  3. To be fair, it was a trombone.

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