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Intel iMac Notes: Bugs -- The Horror

   15 March 2006, lunch time

Applications crash on my iMac far more frequently than they ever did on my iBook. More often then not, it’s the older PowerPC applications that crash (I don’t think I’ve had a “Universal Binary” application crash yet). Now, when an Application crashes, it really isn’t the end of the world. MacOS X actually pops up a message on the screen informing you that your program crashed, and that you can either: close it, or re-open it. I usually tell the computer to run the program again and all is well. These crashes aren’t that common, but since applications hardly ever crashed on my iBook any number of crashes is noticeable.

Since I don’t really know anyone else with an iSight (except for Yang who is never online), I have been using my iSight to take pictures in Photobooth. There is an annoying bug in Photobooth, at least for me. When I take a photo, and it shows up in the film strip at the bottom of the application window, I can’t select that photo to be emailed to friends, or sent to iPhoto, or whatever. I have to click on an older picture first, before a click on the new photo will register. This is a bit of a nuisance.

When I wake up in the morning, I open my eyes and I see my iMac sitting on my desk. I smile.



  1. You can make Photobooth work with any Mac with a Firewire camera I believe, and I think I have similar behaviour when I played around with it on my iBook.

    I have three applications crash for me. Adium every couple weeks, iPhoto everytime I try to empty the iPhoto trash, and Firefox half the times I try to open GMail. I’ve since switched to Camino/Safari/Shiira.

    On my old G4 800 that I gave to my sister, about three times it froze coming out of sleep. And twice in 6 months my track pad hasn’t turned on coming out of sleep, requiring restarts.

    I think that’s a complete summary of all my problems in 18 months of Mac usage.

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