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   15 September 2008, early morning

I’ve watched a few episodes of Mad Men now. The show is great, which I’m sure anyone who has heard mention of the show is well aware of. The show is about the people working at a Madison Avenue ad agency during the 50s. Like the Sopranos, what’s it’s actually about is a fair bit deeper than that. The whole show has a very bleak and depressing feel to it. Characters seem to feel trapped in their circumstance. Again, this is very reminiscent of the Sopranos. I quite like the show, but I have no idea how it isn’t being shut down for being essentially one long cigarette commercial. There must be money from the tobacco industry funding Mad Men. If not, they need to start asking for some. It really is all I can do not to go buy a pack midway through an episode.

I also have the biggest crush on Miss Joan Holloway.



  1. Because of the war on the tobacco industry, we’re no longer used to seeing people smoking all the time.

    Mad Men is set in the 1950’s and smoking was a part of it.
    I was born in the 60’s and all through my childhood, and early adulthood most people around me smoked.

    Expecting that element of the era to be excluded, is like expecting Tony Soprano to say ‘fudge’ instead of the other word.

  2. You misunderstand me. I think it makes total sense, and the show would be stupid silly if you got rid of all the smoking, boozing, and smacking your — and your friends — kids. I love the show because it seems so authentic. (Of course, my view of the 50s come exclusively from Salinger & Hemmingway I suppose.) I just can’t understand how its not classified as a cigarette ad and banned from network television. cigarette companies couldn’t make an ad so good. It’s such a great show.

  3. Ohhhh…yes…you’ve got a good point there.

    When you put it that way, I’m surprised no fanatic has demanded it’s pull from the airwaves as well.

  4. I’m gonna check this out, I heard about it and did see the premier online..hmm

    Also, that chick is hot

  5. Holy shit, she’s Saffron on Firefly! How did I not realize that. And yeah, she’s so freaky hot.

  6. I know!!! I was just about to write that…fuking hell I forgot about how hot she was on Firefly hahahah

  7. You recognized her right away? I totally missed that till I read it on IMDB. I’m half way through the first season now. Damn it’s so good.

  8. Don’t buy a pack. Then you’ll be tempted to smoke them – just like we did in Uni. Very very bad.

    On a more superficial note, I love the well-tailored clothes! Yay to busty, curvy women (though January Jones needs to eat something).

  9. All the suits are great: it makes me want to get way more. All the ladies have such nice dresses too. It’s nice seeing people all dressed up. Strange how that’s fallen out of fashion, and slumming it is now not laughed at.

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