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Chloe Sulivan: l33t h8x0r

   8 February 2007, late evening

What’s with Chloe in Season 5 of Smallville. She just picked up some random piece of junk electronic gizmo off the floor of Lionel’s office and started prattling off about what it did. Then she took it back to her laptop and triangulated some shit so they could find the person who planted the device. What the hell?



  1. Ok my comment has nothing to do with this specific blog entry but I just want to say – Damn Ram, you’ve been playing a lot of Warcraft! Thank you for the birthday video. It was nice listening to you ramble for a full minute before realizing it was a birthday video for me. And thanks for taking the time to dress up and do your hair, much appreciated. :) See you in a few months!!!

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