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Closer to the Heart V

   11 February 2006, terribly early in the morning

I just got back from Close to the Heart V. I watched the show with my buddy John. It’s a benefit concert for the Regent Park School of Music. As you can guess, this is the fifth year the show has tried to raise money. Tonight, they had a pretty stellar line up of Canadian musicians doing covers of their favourite Canadian songs. The show was un-fucking-believable. I finally got to see Ivana Santilli in person; meow. I also got to speak briefly with Esthero, after I snapped a photo of her with two girls I met at the show (who wanted me to take their photo with Esthero). It was a really fun night.

Update: I’ve posted photos from the night on Flickr.



  1. Don’t forget to add that those girls proceeded to pay $175 to spend valentine’s day with Esthero.

    and an honourable mention to Flyer Man.

    Good times indeed.

  2. FLYERMAN!! The dude with the light-up jacket??

  3. Is there any other guy called Flyerman?

  4. damn, I didn’t know he was famous…or net-famous…or anything-famous really. I just remember seeing him at Emm shows from time to time.

    or his jacket anyway.

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