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Craft Burger

   10 February 2009, early morning

I met Shima at the Design Exchange, where the two of us went to a talk by Architecture for Humanity. The group is doing a four part trilogy (don’t ask) on Toronto’s past, present, and future. It was an interesting talk. (Honestly, anything in the design exchange is going to be enjoyable: that building is awesome.) I learnt how 16th century Spanish law influenced planning in Toronto, about all the things you can find in the Toronto archives, and how the TTC was punched in the crotch back in the 50s and hasn’t really recovered since. It was a good talk, but Shima and I were too hungry to stay for the Q&A.

On our way out we met a fellow from Blansdowne. I thought he knew Shima. Shima thought he knew me. It was only when we started to talk that the two of us realized he knew us through this blog. That’s the power of the Internet, people!

Shima wanted a burger. I had vague memories of a place called Craft Burger opening up in the city. I looked the place up on my iPhone, and yes, there was a place called Craft Burger and it had been successful enough to open up a second location in Toronto. Shima and I went to this new Yonge and Bloor location since it was on our way home. The place was small, clean, and it being late, not too busy. I ordered an organic burger (where the meat comes from the Healthy Butcher), and Shima bought something with avocado and other fancy-ass ingredients. We split some onion rings. We sat down next to a couple with a baby and a toddler. The mom had giant breasts. It was unreal. Our food arrived and so we ate. My God, it was good. Craft Burger is a bit expensive for a burger shop, but I don’t think I’ve had a better burger in the city. People, you need to go there now.



  1. You forgot to mention that the guy we met told us that WOW spa in our neighbourhood is actually legit.

  2. Mmm, sounds good, maybe I’ll check it out this weekend.

  3. That organic burger is mighty tasty‚Ķ but the Beaconsfield’s burger is still my favourite.

  4. That is a tasty burger.

    I’ll need to check it out again. I think the Beaconsfield one is too oily. This burger tasted perfect. The chipotle mayo was hype too.

  5. The Beaconsfield’s burger was also my favourite. Although I haven’t had it in a long while.

  6. also that place is halal.

  7. Go on about that woman’s breasts, I think we all wanted to hear more about that.

    In London we have this place called Gourmet Burget King which serves crazy ass burgers, however last Saturday Naranee took me to this other crazy burger joint where I had the hypest CANADIAN burger in my life, the english definition of a Canadian burger involves smokey sweet bacon and a generous amount of cheddar cheese…to be honest, if it had a fried egg i would have called it the “good morning burger”

  8. Ahilan, do you really want to know more about her big breasts? Because I could also tell you the were super big because she was probably nursing her new born child? Milk + big boobs, is that really hot now? Yeah.

    You men and big boobs disgust me. 8o|

  9. That reminds me, it was all over the papers here that Salma Hayek breast fed some kid while doing some relief work…It was on the superficial as well, i think he said she was the greatest humanitarian in the history of the world

  10. I am a food fanatic and I’m always searching the internet for food ideas. I love my hamburgers the most of course . Can anybody suggest some variations of burgers?

    [ Is this a comment or an advert? My guess is the later since the comment exists verbatim on a (dead) Yelp.ca account. You need to work harder on your internet marketing skillz.]

  11. why not just redirect his link to something ridiculous?

  12. I thought i’d see if he’s actually pay attention first or not.

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