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Damn That's a Small Mac.

   15 January 2008, lunch time

The MacWorld Keynote has been kind of dull for the most part, as pretty much everything rumored to be in the works was in the works: the iPhone Firmware update, iTunes movie rentals, a new wireless hard drive / base station, and of course, the new MacBook ultra-portable. That said, damn the new Powerbook is looking good. (Also of note for the environmentalists out there, the computer features: a fully aluminum case (good for recycling), the first fully mercury and lead free display, circuit boards are BFR free, retail packaging has 56% less volume than that of the MacBook.) The MacBook Air page is up, and I have to say that computer doesn’t look real.



  1. Can you buy a new iPhone? Can I have your old one? Please?

  2. I think it’s time for a new laptop. What do you think? :o

    But then Faulty might get jealous if he had to share the table with a supermodel thin laptop. Heck, I’d be jealous too!

  3. This looks so neat. Almost seems bendable. Definitely wanna go check it out.

  4. Someone at my company suggested that you not turn it sideways, else you might lose it.

    That thing is beautiful. Watching the demo is just like… man that’s beautiful.

  5. Crazy! I want an iPhone still

  6. Steve Jobs Wardrobe Prediction.

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