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Darvish/Tempus on Yonge

   19 December 2006, early morning

I went to Darvish with Shima last night. I’ve been looking for a good Persian place downtown for quite some time. Darvish is just North of College on Yonge, in the spot another restaurant called Tempus used to be. (The shop actually goes by both names: Darvish or Tempus.) It’s a moderately sized restaurant, long and rectangular, with an exposed brick wall to your right and mirrors and bench seating on your left. There is a fair amount of seating, so you could accommodate a fairly large group. Shima and I sat at a table for two near the back. We ordered kashk-e baadenjaan to start; it’s an eggplant dish I like a lot. I ordered a chicken and beef kebab plate as my main. I always get kebabs whenever I go to a Persian place. It’s how I rate them against one another. (I also just like kebabs a lot.) Shima ordered the ghormeh sabzi, which is a Persian stew. We both agreed the chicken kebabs and the kashk-e baadenjaan were excellent, that the beef kebabs were quite good, and that the ghormeh sabzi was a bit watery. I think overall Darvish is a nice place to eat — the fact the food is so cheap is a nice plus. Most of the mains were around the $12 mark, appetizers were under $7. Darvish is definitely worth checking out.



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