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El Trompo

   19 June 2006, early morning

I went to El Trompo with Patrick and Dave this past weekend. It’s a Mexican place in Kengsington Market. It’s probably my favourite Mexican place in the city. (A close second is the far more swanky (and expensive) Dos Amigos. For boys trying to impress girls, I’d say it’s a very nice date place.) The three of us all had various tacos, as I think the best thing to get there. El Trompo makes a really good Guacamole that you would be remiss not to try if you do end up going. Dave and I ordered some while waiting for Patrick to show up. Everything was quite tasty. My friends all complain the portions are too small, which is probably true. Dave and Patrick seemed alright with their meals, and the amount of food is just right for myself. Anyway, dishes are quite cheap so you can just order a lot of stuff if you have a big appetite. There are lots of interesting dishes to try on the menu. This place is definitely worth checking out.



  1. The portions are too small.

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