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Election 2011

    2 May 2011, late afternoon

The 2011 federal election is taking place today. For the first time in my entire life the NDP might actually do well. Our riding, Davenport, is one of CBC’s ridings to watch. The Liberals have been coasting here for ages. If Andrew Cash wins our riding I will lose my shit. This is Mythilli’s first election. We are both in our NDP orange. Things should start getting exciting in a few hours.

Mythilli and I in NDP Orange

Update 10:38 PM: There are some tight races. Ours doesn’t seem to be one of them. With 20 polls reporting Andrew Cash has 50+% of the vote. What! I hope the numbers stay the same. Even more miraculous, my parents riding looks like it is going to go to the NDP as well, though that race is a much closer so far.

Update 11:04 PM: The CBC has declared my riding and my parents ridings for the NDP. Oh hells yes.



  1. My Riding is “Blue”, used to be “Red”. Bye bye Joe Volpe hello Joe Oliver.

  2. This year 2015 there is not much of a orange in our neibour hood I can see more Red I am kind of sad but long as there is no blue I am fine with red

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