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Enemies of Happiness and XH-PG

   22 April 2007, late evening

I went to watch Enemies of Happiness with Rishi. We met at the cinema, which was pretty packed. Hotdocs seems to be more popular than ever. Prior to the screening of Enemies of Hapiness was a screening for the short film XH-PG, a movie about the protests in Mexico following the last election. It was a series of interviews, and reasonably interesting, though I didn’t think it was anything spectacular. Enemies of Happiness followed, and I was quite impressed with the film. The film makers followed Malalai Joya as she campaigns for a seat in Afghanistan’s parliament. It was a very interesting movie, showcasing the troubles she went through to run as an outspoken female candidate in a fairly sexist society. Compared to The Devil Came no Horseback, this film was certainly more hopeful, though that isn’t saying much. It’s a good movie, well worth checking out.

The official Enemies of Happiness web site. This was the second screening I attended at Hotdocs 2007.



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