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Esthero at the Mod Club

   7 June 2007, evening time

Esthero singing at the Mod Club

The concert was amazing. Damn. Jemeni opened the show with the poem from the Dragonfly Intro. Following the poem, Esthero took the stage and spent most of the night taking requests from the audience, drinking jagermeister shots, and talking smack — there was lots of shit talking going on. Word. Her voice is still as brilliant as I remember it sounding. Esthero didn’t sing I Drive Alone, despite the fact I was screaming it out at the top of my lungs. I can forgive her: she played pretty much everything else I wanted to hear. Esthero can do a damn good Björk impression. She belted out Army of Me, instead of singing Breath From Another, and spent a few minutes rambling on as if she was Björk. It was impressive. The first time I heard Heaven Sent I thought it was a new Björk track. I wonder if this was a common occurrence. (I also enjoyed her cutting to Baby You Got Me midway through one of her tracks.) Midway through the concert, she had her back-up singer come up front and perform. Her name was Alexis Taylor I believe, and she could sing — and I mean really sing. The crowd was going nuts. So yeah, the concert was incredible. I’d say it was perfect, but she kept us all waiting an hour and a half before taking the stage. Still, once she started singing I forget about all that.

Esthero and a Jagermeister shot



  1. Did you take these photos Ram? Esthero looks lovely in them!

    I’m sad that I’ve never seen her in concert, I’ve loved her stuff forever… Take me with the next time she’s here, deal?

  2. Yep, I took those photos. They turned out pretty good I think. And yeah, I can’t wait to see her again. She’s amazing live.

  3. I like Esthero!

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