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Ethiopian House

   23 November 2007, terribly early in the morning

My friends and I were at Ethiopian House last night. It’s a nice little place between Welesley and Bloor on Yonge. It looks like a house they converted into a restaurant. I had never had Ethiopian food before; it reminded me very much of Tamil food. The dishes are all served on a large piece of bread called Injera, which is reminiscent of a fleshier dosa crossed with appam. (It’s basically a crepe like bread.) We asked them to pick a mix of stuff for us: half meat half vegetarian. The meat dishes were a bit spicy, though I imagine they could have made it crazy hot had we asked them. The vegetarian dishes were mild, and were straight out of Sri Lanka. It’s strange how similar the food was. Everything was very tasty; we all enjoyed it. (If you’re a vegetarian it is definitely worth checking out, because the vegetarian dishes aren’t an afterthought.) We had Ethiopian coffee after our meal, which was excellent. You need to order it before your meal because it takes them a good while to prepare it. There is a bit of ceremony involved in the whole process, with them bringing you the beans as they roast them for you to smell, and bringing everything out with some burning frankincense. Ethiopian House was quite nice. The staff are friendly, and the food is good.



  1. That’s what I thought too, I went to this ethiopian place on queen, it was a lot like sri lankan food but it wasn’t as hot and it was all served on one very large ‘dosai’ that everyone had to eat from…it was a bit too communal

  2. Yeah, that’s exactly how this place was too. I guess the trick is to eat with people you don’t find grody.

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