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Final Fantasy 12

   30 October 2006, lunch time

Final Fantasy 12 is out this week. I haven’t been a big Final Fantasy fiend in a while. I like the old games just fine, but I haven’t played any of the post-SNES games to completion. I’ll usually make it to the end, or close to the end, and then get my brother, who is a Final Fantasy fiend, to finish the game with his quest so I can see how the story plays out. World of Warcraft is fun and all, but I find the lack of a real story a bit of a suck. It’s all a bit mindless. I’m not sure if this is the case with all MMORPGs or not. It is certainly something I miss coming from playing games like Final Fantasy. No doubt my brother will be in line buying this game tomorrow; I expect to hear about how it is the next best thing ever shortly.



  1. FF3 DS comes out very soon also. Should be coming out mid november!

  2. I already pre-ordered that bad boy, so yeah I’ll be getting it and hopefully ripping through it by the weekend.

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