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   9 February 2004, lunch time

Firefox was a name that Roni Size used to put out some jungle jungle jungle jungle jungle. What I linked to was the new release of Mozilla’s standalone web browser, once known as Phoenix, then as Firebird, and now finally as Firefox.



  1. Is this main page not centering for everyone? I must have broke something.

  2. It's very top-left oriented.

  3. Seems to be working now. Problem was the outer division was positioned reletively, but the inner elements were positioned absolutely. So, they are positioned independantly of the division they are contained in, the one that is supposed to center them all.

    Mezan, get Firefox. Stop using stank IE.

  4. your main page is all fudged up in IE.

  5. In what way? I think it's the negative margins, and I think you're probably using IE 5. Anyways, i'll check it out.

  6. word, it might be because of the negative margins, but i think it's because ie is stankazoid. also, i'm using ie 6.

  7. Chris finally made the switch from IE to Fire*. He says it's the bomb-diggity.

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