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Firewire 400 vs. USB 2.0

    2 March 2007, early morning

I had told Dave a week or two ago that he should get a USB 2.0 enclosure for a hard drive, since they are cheaper and a bit faster than Firewire enclosures. It turns out I was only half right. Firewire 400, despite being a bit slower than USB 2.0 in theory, out performs it on the Mac by a healthy margin. (This is also true on the PC apparently.) For external storage, Firewire is still the way to go. I had always assumed USB 2.0 was faster, hence its popularity. I should have known better: popularity rarely correlates to not being stank.



  1. Hello,We would like you to write an article on our product...

    [ed. I will when your stuff is available for the Mac. kthxbye.]

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