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Flickr For Now

   6 February 2008, the wee hours

I’ve been posting photos to Flickr for the past little while. (Photos of note are this photograph of Carvill, T&T, and Shima at Spadina ) Despite saying i’m not happy with how Flickr presents things, I do have to admit it’s about a bajillion times easier to put a photo on Flickr than it is to make a post on We Must Abuse the Broadband. I have some ideas for what I want to do with the photoblog here, but they can wait. For now, Flickr wins.



  1. in my opinion, We Must Abuse the Broadband is useful as a showcase for your favourite shots, but flickr is still essential as it’s a much more complete catalog of your photography.

    you still can’t beat flickr for the way it makes available detailed information on photos, like geotags and exif data. whenever i see a nice photo of yours, i always go to its flickr page to see how it was taken.

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