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Flickr Old School

   23 March 2007, early morning

In line with my post earlier in the day, those of you on Flickr who have cute little “oldschool..” banners on your Flickr buddy icons are lame-asses. The period of time between when Flickr started up and when Flickr got bought is pretty big. Pretty much everyone on my contact list is an “old school user” without having posted many photos, joined many groups, or done much at all with Flickr. The internets makes me crazy.



  1. Heh… You’re really wound up about the Internet today, man. We should hang out in real life sometime soon and work through these issues.

  2. We should. You’re an old school friend after all. I just started seeing them on Flickr recently. I guess everyone wants to belong to a group.

  3. I guess you’re right, especially if that group is old school. I mean, they’re only human.

  4. From the lack of comments in this thread, it seems that Flickr is far less polarizing than Facebook.

  5. At least on this blog. I think many of the commenters here have “old school” accounts that they basically neglect: Shima, Rishi, Mezan, etc.

  6. Dude, I tried using Flickr. I reached my maximum for the month after posting three pictures. You know how much that sucked, specially since it was barely the second week of the month? Anyhow, I’m sooo old skool.

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