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Fumio Funkakoshi

   17 January 2009, early morning

Fumio Funakoshi is on Facebook. Of note to you, the reader, would be this post from last year, entitled, Facebook Sucks Yo. Follow that by reading, God Damn Fucking Facebook. And then we come to today. I sign up for all sorts of stupid stuff on the Internet. Why not Facebook? I will just have to hate myself a little bit more. I need to take a shower.



  1. first you go to the USA and then you join facebook. it’s not long until you join the Conservative party and start emailing Conrad Black for advice!

  2. I didn’t go to the USA, I travelled to Australia via LA. It’s really not the same thing. It’s not like I left the airport. That said, I may end my US boycott once Obama is president. Maybe.

  3. today is a sad, sad day.

    were you drunk when you did it?

    am i the only one left who hasn’t signed up?

  4. Don’t worry, most of my friends haven’t, and I can’t see them joining. (Carvill, Mezan, Martha, etc.) My useless brother only puts stuff up on Facebook. I was using Shima’s account to look at stuff it got silly not to just join.

  5. Is there any meaning behind “Fumio Funkaoshi”?

  6. i am still holding out. i don’t want people to see how cute my wife and kids are, especially in contrast to how offensive i am.

  7. Krishna, the site is called funkaoshi.com, what do you think?

  8. That’s right..it was my complete uselessness that got him on Facebook….huzzah

  9. Obviously not the funkaoshi part I meant the fumio part. Google-ing the name fumio funkaoshi doesn’t yield any results so I was wondering why you went with fumio.

  10. He’s the character from Fist of Legend my friends and I thought was Mr. Funkaoshi.

  11. Wait, are you funkaoshi, funkakoshi, or funakoshi?

  12. Funakoshi was the character in Fist of Legend. On Tony’s crap copy of the movie, playing on Vince’s TV in his basement, we all though Funkaoshi was Funkaoshi — the later sounding far cooler. It wasn’t until we watched the movie a couple more times that we realized we were all reading the name wrong. I use funkaoshi for the site and everything else. I used funakoshi on Facebook, because that’s the characters actual name.

  13. makes sense, i guess?

  14. And we’re done.

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