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Funkaoshi: Year 20

   20 November 2023, late morning

When I remarked on my blogs 10th anniversary I said “Ten years is a long time on the Internet. It’s a long time in real life, I suppose.” Twenty years is a really long time. This blog still runs on Textpattern, its layout more or less unchanged for well over a decade. Iconic in its simplicity? Let’s go with that.

I post far less than I used to, but that’s been true for many years now. My D&D blog is far more active. The the old-school D&D scene feels like a microcosm of what could have been when it comes to the medium: people still having long form conversations via blog posts. Waxy, Anil Dash, Kottke, Daring Fireball and few others continue to be relevant and interesting, but they feel like rare survivors of this form. I am always curious if the second coming of blogging is around the corner: perhaps when people tire of video.

This blog remains something I care a lot about. It’s a window into who I was these proceeding 20 years. In some ways it’s terrifying having something like this online: I have said lots and lots of really dumb things on the internet. Some smart things too. I love being able to mine this site for my mood or my interests over the years. I’ve been married to Shima for 20 years now. We had met earlier in the year when I first began this blog. My daughter is almost 13. My mom passed away. This blog has catalogued various milestones of my life. It’s also missed plenty: did you know i’ve taken this year off work? Wild!

The glory days of this blog have likely come and gone, but it will always remain a place for my random thoughts and interests. A blog doesn’t need to be profound: it just needs to be a place to post some text you want to share.



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