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   5 May 2004, early evening

Thanks to an invite from Ryan, I now have a gmail account. My email address is chungking@gmail.com. I actually didn’t want to use that, but I accidently pressed enter when I was checking for names that are free. I’m apparently not so good at picking names for online services.



  1. yo. you know who to invite next right? RIGHT?!

  2. Yeah guy. Soon as I get my invite you can be iluvitar@gmail.com.

    Of course, you could always harass Steph…

  3. Steph has gmail too? word. lemme go harass hehehe

  4. Yeah. Her and Ryan are my too blogger using friends.

  5. I think you mean “two”...as in “one, two”...put that B.Math degree to good use! ;-) [And while I’m being an a-hole and nitpicking, I think it should also be “blogger-using” instead of “blogger using” :-)].

  6. yes and yes. I don’t proof read comments. Or good chunks of this site.

  7. proofreading is overrated. that’s why my cover letters still read Jan 2001

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