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   23 August 2020, late morning

I have become lax when it comes to writing about the movies I’ve seen. (Did you know I saw Parasite at the TIFF, before it won and Oscar and blew up all over the place. Well, I did!) Last night, with Mythilli visiting my parents, Shima and I decided to watch something scary: Hereditary. I had heard the film was good, and it did not disappoint. What a thoroughly creepy film, and a very impressive directorial debut for Ari Aster. Hereditary is part horror movie, part tragedy. We begin with a mother dealing with the death of her estranged (and perhaps creepy) mother, and move on from there quite quickly into more grief and trauma. I knew nothing about the film, and that’s probably the best way to enjoy any cinema, but in particular a film such as this. The actors are all great. Toni Collette has some fucking fantastic moment. This is well worth watching.



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