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   24 September 2007, evening time

My iPhone

The hardest part about unlocking my iPhone was finding a paperclip. You need a paperclip to pop the sim tray out of the phone. In my entire condo I didn’t have a single paper clip laying around. I was tempted to use a pin, but I was worried it’d pierce something. Finally, I found something that would work: one of Shima’s hoop earrings.

Getting the actual iPhone was a little bit convoluted, and involved a lot of help from some coworkers.

So far I’m liking it. Of course, my prior phone sucks a lot, so it was going to be easy for this phone to wow me. Obviously i’ll have a lot more to say on this, but I’ve put off both eating and cleaning the condo to get the thing unlocked and muck around with.



  1. Two week later with mine and I’ve still been putting off eating and cleaning!

  2. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH SNAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!! Did you call someone and tell them you are talking to them from an iphone?

  3. I called Shima, but she was in the library and didn’t seem all too impressed. I knew I should have called Dave first. Or Mahi. Damn it.

  4. bring it, i want to play with it. my precious iphone.

    how much? i might want to get one since i am canceling my crackberry data service.

  5. dude, you need to post a set of iphone pictures on flickr. i wanna check it out. you’re such a lucky bastard.

  6. Damn Ram! I am jealous. I only want one because it’s pretty :)

  7. wow, the shininess is dazzling :)

  8. I feel like your iphone review needs to have a non-iphone lover (i.e. me)

    My first complaint:
    It’s too heavy.

    I’ll have more to say when I spend some quality time with it this weekend.

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