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Immigration Watch Canada: Saying Nothing 24/7

   4 April 2007, early morning

Please indulge me while I discuss the brilliant writing behind Immigration Watch. In particular, today we will talk about, The Mother Of All Fraud Marriages.

There is a desire in a number of immigrants to retain cultural purity. … This is a very common practice in Canada and in European immigrant-receiving countries. … it often results in continued lack of integration with the host population.

There is a desire in a number of Canadians to have sex with animals. I’m not going to say what that number is, but I will continue talking like it is most certainly substantial. It’s a very common practice. How common, I won’t say. Surely you already know how common it is. This practice often results in Canadians who don’t play nice with others. How often? You know, often.

Fraud marriage is not an isolated practice. A large number of immigrants enter Canada every year as sponsored spouses. Some of this pactice (sic) is legitimate, but the law is abused …

Kicking cats is not an isolated practice; I am pretty sure there are at least two people out there in Canada who do so. I’m not trying to be a jerk mind you: lots of Canadians treat their pets kindly. Now that I’ve mentioned that point, let’s never speak of this group again.

… According to several oprganizations (sic) trying to stop fraudulent marriages, …

According to several organizations I won’t name — but trust me when I say they exist — Ramanan Sivaranjan is the most awesome person ever. Update: I’ve just received several notice that I am also the most handsome person ever. Update: Several sources have said that in a fight between me and Tony Ja I would win.

As the following story illustrates …

Everyone loves stories. They are nice, and simple, and let you think about complex problems in simple terms. They are good because you can take what you learn about a particular person or event and extrapolate from that sample to a much larger population of individuals. Some of you may doubt this claim, but trust me, several organizations have said that it is a fact. Many people think so. It is often the case that a sample size of one is enough to make judgments about huge groups of people.



  1. You are the most awesome and handsome person ever! :)

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