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   21 September 2007, early morning

Rishi would rave about CBC’s Intelligence to anyone who would listen. It’s pretty much the only show he watches: no Lost, no Prison Break, just Intelligence. (I know, I thought he was crazy too.) I finally started watching the show yesterday: it’s very good. There are basically two lead characters for the show: James Reardon who is a mob boss, and Mary Spalding who runs the organized crime unit. Intelligence is basically about the intersection of their two lives. The show looks at Canadian spy and law enforcement agencies, and the power struggles that take place between them and within them. It also looks at the issues Reardon has running his “business”, dealing with the law, and dealing with his rivals. A big part of the show is the interplay between the intelligence agencies and their informers. The entire cast is quite good, and you’ll recognize a few faces I’m sure. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Reardon’s ex-wife is hot (but crazy), and Cristina the Stripper is perhaps even hotter. (She has an accent: meow) So yeah, it’s a really good show.



  1. Your cbc link that should lead to the cast bios is brokeded. I’m saddened.

  2. Please take a minute to email Haddock Entertainment and ask that they publish the series to DVD. I cannot thank you enough.

  3. It looks like CBC just updated the Intelligence web site. It’s all flash now.

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