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It's Called Blansdowne

   29 October 2010, terribly early in the morning

I thought a new milestone in my quest to get people to call the neighbourhood Blansdowne was reached a little while ago when Toronto Life used the name in an article about Drift Bar. Well almost, they referred to the area as Blandsdowne. That doesn’t even make any sense. There is nothing Bland about Blansdowne. More so, where are they getting the extra ‘D’? This is why no one reads Toronto Life.

The Globe and Mail mentioned my neighbourhood by name in their recent article about the area. I was pretty excited, but then I realized they too spelled the name wrong. What local calls the area Blandsdowne? Seriously? (I’m not even going to touch on the super obnoxious “let’s sell homes” tone of this piece.) This is why no one reads the Globe and Mail.

Journalists of the city: Bloor + Lansdowne = Blansdowne.



  1. Does anyone else in the community call it blansdowne other than you and shima?

  2. why you call blansdowne

  3. It’s a name I made up because it sounds better than Bloordale.

  4. Also, you can tell where it is based on the name. I don’t know where Bloordale is. I’m guessing Bloor somewhere.

    To avoid the bland thing, you’re going to have to change it to Lansbloor.

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