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   26 September 2005, early evening

I watched Kontroll last night with Mezan and Carvill. The movie is about a bunch of hard-boiled ticket agents, working out of a non-descript subway system in a non-descript land. Kontroll was filmed in Budapest, and opens with an introduction from whomever is in charge of the subway system there explaining the movie is entirely fiction, and that people shouldn’t get upset by it—strange. The film is very stylish; I liked the way it was shot. There are some really cool sequences in the film. The story is pretty bare, and the film is quite slow. Watching the trailer, you would not expect this. I liked the movie, you may want to check it out. (Also, the film features a kick-ass soundtrack.)

Reviews of Kontroll at Rotten Tomates.



  1. I really liked the little world they managed to create for this film where everyday is a battle for the ticket collectors.

  2. hi, need the soundtrack but don't find it. please help!!!

  3. The soundtrack is awesome, but I also have no idea where you can get it.

  4. Haven’t ordered it yet but will be this week. Waiting to find out which of the two cd’s is the one I want.

  5. Thanks for the link! I think a ton of people have been showing up at this post hoping to find out more info on the soundtrack.

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