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Koyono Finally Sends Me a Wallet

   7 August 2007, late afternoon

My new Slimmy wallet.  It is black and red.

Today I met up with Mezan and Steph for lunch. My long weekend was made extra long by my taking another day off. (I’m not being completely lazy, I have to see the dentist in about an hour.) On my way out I checked my mail: the mail box was empty. I cursed Koyono under my breath, and left for downtown.

I ordered the Slimmy from Koyono on the 16th of July. For those paying attention, that’s almost a month ago. I suppose I’ve been spoiled by stores like Amazon and Indigo, which manages to ship an order out in a couple days — tops. Koyono let me know my order was good to go on the 27th, 11 days after initially placing my order. When I got back from the dentist I checked my mail box again: the wallet had finally arrived. (So it spent another 11 days in the post.) I had actually planned to write them today, complaining about how slow the whole process was. Now that I have the wallet, I don’t feel like doing that anymore. I suppose it’s cool to take your damn time shipping out a product if it’s as slick as this Slimmy Wallet: I can’t picture someone taking it out and still harboring ill feelings towards Koyono.

The Slimmy is a small wallet you’re supposed to keep in your front pockets instead of your back. It’s a fairly thin wallet. The one I bought is in black leather with a red lining, and it looks quite nice. It comes in a static bag that contains the wallet and a little card suggesting what to put in your new wallet. I’m replacing a wallet i’ve been using for the past 7 years: It’s going to be a weird couple of days.



  1. yay you got your wallet. I’m sad I didn’t get to have lunch with you.. I don’t know why we didn’t talk about this momentous occasion in the morning before I left for work! :(

    Now I have to wait at least another 2 years before you take a personal day to visit the dentist! 8o|

  2. That’s pretty slick. I’ve switched to a two wallet system which seems ridiculous by comparison.

  3. I’m all about super small wallets. This wallet is small, but it’s really no smaller than the wallet it replaced (a leather Kenneth Cole billfold). I carry one credit card, one debit card, my drivers license, my metropass, the pass to my building, and money — when i’m lucky. I feel like that’s too much. The days I need to bring more stuff — like today, where I needed my health insurance card — I just dump the extra junk in my pocket, or in a little paper card holder I bought in Japan.

  4. I’m using a moneyclip that can hold a few cards inside, with one visible through a clear plastic window for my ID.

    But when I drive & have a need for insurance and costco cards and the like, I’ll take a second wallet that is not left in my car…

  5. this reminds me—did you ever post a picture of your new suit? i wanna see it!

  6. You’ve asked this question before.

  7. The internet is a strange place. The Ali who has posted here isn’t my Ali. But the other Ali might have been (?)

  8. Oh that’s probably it — this Ali is Juan’s friend and one of the people behind (the more or less defunct?) mooselim.ca.

  9. whoever i am, the suit looks great.

  10. Thanks. I like wearing it around, but there aren’t too many times I actually need to.

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