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   30 June 2010, mid-morning

I’ve been using Last.FM for years. That is to say, i’ve been sending them my listening habits and that’s about it. Recently, I decided to try out their ‘radio’ service, which is now $3 a month in Canada. You type in the name of an artist or genre and they generate a stream of music that is similar to the artist or part of that genre. They also let you listen to a radio station of music based on your listening habits, or based on those of your friends. To say this is all nothing short of magic would be an understatement. I’ve heard so much great stuff over the last few weeks. More so, i’ve discovered so many great musicians I would have never heard of before. (For example, Alice Smith is amazing. As is Res.) I love the music they play in Club Monaco, which I have dubbed Club Monaco house, but which is probably better described as Latin House. The Latin House radio station on Last.FM is awesome. It’s like being at Club Monaco, but without all the black and white clothing. I never thought i’d ever pay for a streaming music service, but Last.FM has been well worth the money so far. I signed up for 3 months, but I imagine i’ll extend my service beyond that. It’s been so damn good.



  1. Do they finally have a Canadian iPhone client? I used to love last.fm radio but that really killed it for me

  2. Sadly no, I think it’s a CRTC issue. If you downloaded the application before and it’s in iTunes, you can still install it on your phone (and upgrade).

  3. I’m a HUGE fan of Last.fm and have been paying ever since they stopped offering free service in Canada.

    Lately I’ve become a but proponent of their concert finder/tracker feature. Basically lets you see who’s attending the same shows as you, and also makes recommendations for shows based on stuff you’ve seen and music you are listening to. Magical.

    I believe you can still download the iPhone app on a US iTunes account – it’s relatively easy to set one up without a credit card and run multiple accounts on a single iPhone.

  4. jango.com is pretty awesome too, i use them both. each (i assume) has a different music base, and a different “you’d like this too” algorithm, because i’ve found unique stuff on each. just make a station, and keep adding crap to it, you’ll eventually get a personalized station… thought i don’t think it can read in your scrobbles

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