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Leaving Your Guild in World of Warcraft

   30 August 2006, lunch time

I’ve been trying to leave the guild I joined in World of Warcraft for a little while now. The one problem is I had no idea how. I kept meaning to ask Gary how you quit, but I’d forget whenever I saw him online (or in person). Apparently you just need to type /gquit into the console and you’re set. I’ll try that out tonight. I need to find a new guild now, one that isn’t full of little boys. It’s harder then you think. I learned how to leave a guild by reading about some other guilds drama. It’s a strange game that world of warcraft.

Update: I quit my guild with no fanfare whatsoever. I don’t think anyone noticed I was gone.

Update: I foolishly joined another guild. I need to wake up in the morning and quit.



  1. For a while I thought you found it hard telling your guildmates that you were leaving them for a different guild or something. Or how you could leave your guild without causing any backlash, or losing friends. Then I realized you just didn’t know the technical method of leaving haha.
    I know I found it hardest to tell people I was leaving, especially a guild leader. It’s like you’re abandonning the team.
    I also found it really funny how people could apply to a guild rather than the guild seek them out. I’ve never actually applied to a guild though so my view may be biased. You gotta be so uber that guilds come to recruit you and not the other way around lol.

  2. Thanks for the info on how to quit a guild! My wife had accidentally joined, and there was no way to leave the guild through the in-game interface. Thanks Google, and thanks Funkaoshi.

  3. Ive Been Trying To Find Out How To Leave My Completely Inactive Guild For the Past Week… This Helped A Lot…. Thanks Funkaoshi…

  4. Ty my guild jus like fell apart and i didnt no how to leave it ( im such a noob ) lol TYVM!!!

  5. yeah i had a guy pay me 1g (what! i’m new! lol every gold counts at my low level) to sign a thingy.
    i told him i wasn’t going to stay in the guild, and he was fine with that.
    problem was. . .once the guild got enough signatures, i had no idea how to leave the guild.
    thanks alot for posting this.

  6. thank you im gonna need to leave my guild thats full of jerks

  7. Thanks for that :)
    Got into a Guild that didnt have many players and no one ever seemed to be on when I was. Blizzard should make an easyer way to leave a Guild.

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