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Opinions on Bloor and Lansdowne?

    9 June 2006, mid-morning

Same question I asked last year: anyone know anything about Bloor and Lansdowne. (Actually more like Dupont and Lansdowne now.) Once again, I am looking for places in the area. I get the feeling its moving on up, ever so slowly. All opinions welcome.

Update: I decided to move to the area, down by Bloor and Lansdowne.

Update: You can read about my experiences thus far in the Bloor and Lansdowne section of this site.



  1. :o

  2. i used to live there from about ‘87 to ‘95, back then it was a bit of a dump, i switched to a school by where you live now just to avoid the schools in that area

    you could check out ‘tales from the triangle’, i think its at the york library, ryerson too, its a documentary about the area from the mid 90’s

    i’m not sure what it’s like now, i haven’t been back in years, from the articles it seems they’ve changed quite a bit, i think i’ll visit next time im back from school, im curious now

    what’s wrong with high park?

  3. Phoebe used to live north of Bloor, actually closer to one major street north and lansdowne. Her neighbourhood was mostly Porteguse. It’s not a very well off area, but it appears to be on an upwards rather then a downwards trend. As there are new developments and improvements in the area, rather then it getting more poor. I’m not sure how different it is closer to bloor.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. It is my understanding that north of Bloor is actually a lot worse than south of Bloor. Dupont and Lansdowne is where 2 of the shootings this past summer took place, in the park near the area. That said, there are several new developments (the Chelsea Lofts being the newest I think) right at Dupont and Lansdowne.

    I am thinking about buying a studio Loft just south of Bloor and Lansdowne versus buying a more expensive one bedroom in High Park. So if people have opinions on that, you may as well voice them here too. I love hearing what people think on real estate.

  5. Well, I think that isn’t a bad area. The growth in W04 to W09 is pretty good these days, and I’m pretty sure you fall into it. I’m not exactly sure why it’s been hot in that area, as it’s not that close to anything, but I think it appeals to those who work in the West end but want to be reasonably close to downtown. I.e. Starting north, new houses built at St.Clair and Old Weston have risen from 350 to 450 in only 4 years. Some of the older homes at Dupont and Lansdowne have increase by about 10% per year for the last couple of years, which is an excellent growth rate.

    Compare this to the area I am shopping in, Bayview and Shepard, and you will see that house prices have hit a high and stopped. I.e. 800K homes have only moved to about 900K in the last 6 years, percentage wise that is much less (12.5%). So I think as a financial move that it’s not a bad choice at all, so if you enjoy the area too, then you will have capital appreciation as well as a nice place to live. =)

  6. I’m looking much south of there actually, W01 and W02. Those areas you mention are pretty isolated, so I wonder why they are so hot.

    Bayview and Sheppard is crazy-expensive. You can probably get a condo in the area for much less though if you are interested in the location. I can’t imagine the housing prices staying as high as they have been in the suburbs over the next few years. I think if you wait prices might dip a bit. Still, a condominium is probably the most affordable way to move into that neighborhood.

  7. where do all the poor people move as these places get gentrified?

  8. Scarborough? Hah. Well, except I think a house in Scarborough will probaly cost you more than one in Lansdowne. There is still a Tamil Co-op in the Bloor-Lansdowne area, and you still see a lot of brown people on the street. I have no idea what the area will be like in five years time. I picture yuppies eating dosas.

  9. yeah i used to live in the co-op, three cheers for government housing, is the bingo hall still there? you’ll notice orange streaks on the sidewalk in front, dried bloodstains!

    also check to see if the autoparts dump is still there next to the co-op, it was a major nuisance cause the guard dogs would bark all night

    if you move there most ppl will think youre from the co-op, probably

  10. I actually put an offer on house at Bayview and Shepard. But I was outbid sadly. I will wait for the next one. I’m ready to invest quite heavily in a large home.

    Scarborough is supposed to be next to catch up in housing prices. It has lower demand right now, but as other areas reach a terminal point for house value, Scarborough homes are supposed to start catching up at a faster rate. This is what I hear anyway, as the son of an agent.

  11. This was the final version of the Writeboard, before I erased it after 37 Signals got on my nerves.

    Article on Bloor and Lansdowne, and how it is so ghetto, from Now magazine circa 2000: Out there zone. I wonder how much of this still applies 5 years later?

    More recently there are articles on the redevelopments taking place: Transformation underway: Lansdowne advocate nods to re-development and Choosing to live near the fast lane: Easy transport access big plus for condo buyers.

    An article in the Toronto Star discusses the changes happening in Lansdowne. They seem optimistic the area will improve. There is discussion on the new developments going up, and on how the area around Jarvis changed as new lofts and condos moved in to derelict buildings.

    Dig In seems to be involved in improving the area. The focus seems to be more on the Lansdowne and Dupont area, which actually doesn’t sound too friendly. This community group sounds pretty cool though—I would imagine this is the sort of thing Shima and her friends would love.

    They are building a new station in the area, and have been working to improve the safety: Lansdowne gets safety facelift.

    The councilor in charge of the ward is both young and seemingly motivated: Adam Giambrone

    This area is sometimes referred to as Bloordale.

  12. I have lived in the west end for the past 20 years and have seen the transformation of Bloor and Lansdowne from terrible to a much better area today. The police work with the local business owners to ensure a safe and better neighbourhood. Several prostitution and drug rings have been busted and law enforcement continues to monitor and assist in the improvement of the area. Real Estate has shown steady growth over the years, the average home starts in the mid 300k. The new buildings in the area – condos, lofts, townhouses has interest peaked as people are looking for affordable homeownership and the convenience of being close to the city without having long commutes. There are lots of local shops and ethnic restaurants in the area. Accessibility to the subway or Go Train, and of course by car a short drive to the Gardiner. It is long over due but this area is definitely improving and on it’s way to bigger and better things.

  13. I’d have to say, I’ve lived there for a while and it is definately a working class hood with lots of drug trade and sex workers, but not dangerous at all. People often judge too quickly because they’re sketchy, I love it here!

  14. The area is definately improving. I bought one of those townhouses behind your condo about 5 years ago from plans and even then I could see things were starting to improve but people outside of the neighbourhood just didn’t know it yet. Made a killing selling the thing once it was finally built. Now I live in one of the old detached houses in the area – bought it for a steal compared to anywhere else on the Bloor line.

    Oh, your condo site used to be a Dunlop factory. It sat vacant for years while the developer figured out how to clean up all the benzine.

    I’d like to add the Ciros to the list of great things about this neighbourhood. Not much to look at from the front but great food, friendly staff, amazing beer and a solid back-patio in the summer.

  15. http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/2003/agendas/council/cc030414/yk3rpt/cl005.pdf
    There is a new official plan to improve Bloor/Lansdowne area (see the link). Therefore it isnt a bad idea to invest the condo/house here at all. As what I know for the condo built recently in the area, the resell price after 2 year term is greater than 15%.

  16. The avenue study was done a few years back, and almost nothing has come of it yet. Hopefully they start to do work on the strip when the redo the roads, which is supposed to happen soon.

  17. I’ve live in the neighbourhood, for 43 yrs. I was part of the Bloor Lansdowne Committee Against Drugs. The problem is definitely not as bad as it was in 89-94. As long as residents keep vigilent, and work with the police the neighbourhood will improve. It was a great place to grow up 43 yrs ago and I still believe it is a great neighbourhood and will only become better.

  18. More police aint gonna improve nuttin im in bloor west from landsdowne to christie the whole strip is a danger zone..and police is only adding to it 14 division is full of 6rutal pigs who cant wait to catch you in one of the many alley ways on the strip…either you give us afull change and give the community your full attention or you get the fucc out and let us live our lifes

  19. I just purchased a Condo in that area, I hope it’s nice, I spent a couple days in the area day and night seemed ok. Are you living in the area now? What are your impressions?

  20. I like it here. The condo I live in is in a convenient location, next to a Go station and between TTC subway stations. It’s also just North of the Jameson exit on to the Gardiner. The area is between the Annex and Bloor West, and you can walk to Roncesvalle. It’s a good spot. Well, except for all the sketchiness. The area is still pretty sketchy. I don’t find it particularly intimidating, but after living here for a year now I do pick up on who are the prostitutes, and who are probably drug dealer.

    Anyway, if you read the top of this post, you’ll notice I said:

    Update: I decided to move to the area, down by Bloor and Lansdowne.

    Update: You can read about my experiences thus far in the Bloor and Lansdowne section of this site.

  21. I’ve been living in the lansdowne bloor area my entire life (1991-2007) until like last year i moved. To me lansdowne bloor can never be replaced no matter how big of a house i am living in right now. I use to live on Wade avenue its on the street where lansdowne station is. In the back of my there was probally the worst alley way there is down in the bloordale village. Everyday i would walk to school i would always pass by a drug dealer, prositutes, her pimp, homeless person or whatever. But i would never get scared because i got so use to that, that thats now just an everyday routine … pass by a couple of hoes … walk over some needles, people asking me if i have drugs and so on. It didn’t bother me that much. In the house i was living in everyday there would be people in my backyard smoking, injecting and fucking. That would probaly give me a shock and i would have to go walk out my front door. and the hallways were even worse half a meter wide and a whole lot of stuff was going on in there. its like this. its kinda stupid but it was like the front yard and the backyard felt like two whole different areas but it wasn’t. the front seemed to be all bright people saying high sun is shining people gardening and so on and just when you walk out your back door it feels like your in the slums the dark side… but whatever it wasn’t like that all the time … and no matter what thats gonna be my city and when i get old enough i am going to get out of these suburbs and go back to the city i really belong to and thats LANSDOWNE BLOOR.

  22. What is the current state of Landsdowne and Dupont? The place looks like a rathole from planet scum, that coffee time needs to go and so does 1011 Lansdowne. Place needs a good dynamite implosion

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