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Little Foot Long Foot at The Wrong Bar

   27 March 2008, early morning

Cathy and I went to a fund raiser for a theatre group our friend Yeena is connected to in some way. It was taking place at the Wrong Bar, which is out in Parkdale. Parkdale doesn’t seem to be quite the same place it was a few years back. The Wrong Bar is a really nice venue. It’s very spacious, with space for a stage at the back. There is a single bar in the middle of the venue. The front is wallpapered in this gorgeous felt lion print wallpaper, that reminded me quite a bit of the Rorschach inkblot paint job at the Drake. The two of us bought some beer, sat on a very tall bench, and waited for Little Foot Long Foot to start their set. There was a silent auction taking place, so while waiting I bid on a Spa package for Shima. Little Foot Long Foot’s set was quite good. It’s a two person band: there is a guitarist singer and a drummer. The place wasn’t that busy, which seems to be the case for a lot of these shows I go to. There is a lot of good music happening in Toronto, but I get the sense it goes largely ignored. It’s a shame. I bought the bands CD which I’m listening to now. I bid once more on the Spa package, and then Cathy and I called it a night. You need to walk way up Lansdowne to catch the Lansdowne bus back North up to Bloor.



  1. How is Wrongbar? Paul just moved the nineties night we do every couple of months down there from Teranga, which was getting too crowded. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet.

  2. It’s a nice place. Very spacious too, so you can cram a lot of people there. Me and Cathy were actually chatting about Remember the Nineties while we were there, we’re both planning on going.

  3. Hey, that’d be great! Hope to see you.

  4. Heh… Scratch that, looks like we’re at Augusta House. Think I had this event confused with another. My fault!

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