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Lost Season 5

   19 May 2009, evening time

Season 5 of Lost was phenomal. I know I say that after everyone season concludes. This season in particular was something else: it was all kinds of inspired. My god. Lost continues to be one of the best shows on television — and i’m talking in the history of TV. I can’t believe people can put out a show that damn good. Holy shit. And what an ending. What are they going to do next season?



  1. Yeah it was hype, not sure what else I can add because what you said is true, it’s the greatest TV show ever

  2. Haha, yeah it was damn good. Another 8 months until the final season!

  3. Hell yeah, our little Lost discussion group at Space was doing overtime. I’ve already started rewatching the 5th season. So much craziness this year!

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