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   17 May 2006, early morning

The MacBook was announced yesterday. The MacBook replaces the iBook as Apple’s consumer-level laptop computer; it is quite the replacement. The processors, memory, and bus are identical to those used by the iMac and the MacBook Pro. The two higher end models come with superdrives as well—though at this point in time that is hardly a big deal. Macworld has their first impressions of the MacBook online now. They are quite happy with the machine. Slashdot also wrote about the story yesterday; as always, some comments are better than others. Tyler noticed that the keyboards in the MacBooks look quite strange. Macintouch has started getting reports from its readers on the new MacBook. One thing that caught my eye was the fact the machines ship with those stupid glossy screens you see on PC laptops. Who thought a highly reflective monitor was a good idea? Probably someone in marketing.

Apple is only shipping 13” models of the MacBook at the moment; this may be one way in which they differentiate between the MacBooks and the MacBook pros. Many years ago, the iBooks were G3 laptops, and the Powerbooks were G4 laptops. However, by the time the iBooks and the Powerbooks were phased out, the things that differeniate the two models were superfluous at best. Shima’s G4 iBook is very similar to the 12” Powerbook, once you get past the build of the two machines. If Apple starts shipping 15” versions of the MacBook, I can see a lot of people opting for those rather than the MacBook Pros. My feeling is that Apple will use screen size as what separates the “Pro” models from the “Consumer” models.

Apple is shipping a computer that looks to pack a lot of punch; at $1099 the machines are also very cost effective. (And as with the other Intel Macs, you can run windows on this machines as well.) You (and by you I mean Tyler) should buy the machine and take it home right now.

Update: A cousin in Sydney pointed out that the new MacBooks don’t have dedicated video cards; they use Intel’s integrated video card, much like the Mac Minis.



  1. Dude. It comes in black? It appears to come in black. Black! That thing looks awesome. This is a great replacement, but I want it at smaller than 13”. Also, there’s no need to replace my 12” G4 at this point. But still. Nice upgrade.

  2. the black one is $150 more expensive for no reason. it’s funny what apple can get away with.

  3. Ha, well, there is kind of a reason. It has an 80GB hard drive. Those extra 20 gigs surely make up for that $150, no? Heh.

  4. It’s $150 just for the colour. I’m sure some people will pay the price. I like Apple’s white computeres. They feel more space-age.

  5. Apple probably did this because businesses don’t want to buy white laptops for their employees, so Apple scams more money from those people. They want generic black colored ones. And Apple wants regular joe schmoe’s to keep using their white laptops for brand advertising. Who else makes white laptops? When you see a white laptop, you know it’s a Mac. They don’t want to lose that.

    Then again, I equate these new Mac laptops to Sony Vaio laptops. Flashy and stuff, but you pay a premium for the style.

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