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Macworld 2007

    9 January 2007, early morning

In a few hours Apple will announce all sorts of crazy-shit at Macworld. There seems to be even more hype around this Macworld than any other I can recall. People are hoping for an iPhone (I don’t see it happening), a new Finder for OS X (this I do see happening), a crazy MacPro (also likely), and a host of other new gadgets from Apple. Apple usually doesn’t announce new iPods till later in the year, so I don’t expect to hear anything about video iPods today. As usual, I will probably post my thoughts on the expo later today.

Some Macworld links of note:

Update: Macworld is happening right now.

Update: Jobs puts to rest stories about iTunes sales slowing. Apple is now the 5th largest music reseller, beating out Amazon. Apple sells 5 million songs a day. (That sounds unbelievable.) As I have said before, buying DRM’d music for a buck sucks, but clearly most people don’t seem to care. Television and Movie sales are also doing well on iTunes.

Update: The Apple TV has been announced. This was the produce billed as the iTV earlier.

Update: Holy shit there is an Apple Phone! I want one so badly. You have no idea. Engadget has a preliminary page up with information on the phone.

Update: Apple has changed their name from Apple Computers, Inc, to simply Apple, Inc — I guess this is to indicate that they make more than personal computers now.

Update: Engadget’s coverage of the event is really good. Now that the expo is over, the page loads much faster.

Update: MetaFilter discusses the iPhone.



  1. My god that phone is possibly the single most amazing consumer device I have ever seen. I am glad that it won’t ship for at least six months. I don’t have that kind of money. And I won’t then, either, but this way I can postpone the disappointment.

  2. I know. $500+ with a contract. I wonder how long it’ll take to get released up here. I want one really badly. It’d probably smoke the craptastic phone I use now.

  3. I find it odd that Steve didn’t mention the camera feature at all, but maybe that’s because they haven’t committed to what they’ll use in a phone half a year from now? I had to go to the product page to see that there was a camera in it.

    I am really surprised that no other products were announced or anything. I mean, this device is absolutely amazing, but nothing else to announce?

  4. The iPhone is incredible. Using that phone though would be like screaming “MUG ME!”

    I am also disappointed with only 2 releases. It would have been nice to hear some things about Leopard or possible CPU updates. Intel has a quad-core chip released does it not?

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