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Magnum Lectures

    6 May 2009, early morning

After meeting a friend for drinks at the Beaconsfield I popped into the Drake. Magnum was holding a free lecture as part of the CONTACT photography festival. Last night, Mark Power, Bruno Barbey, and Chien-Chi Chang spoke about photography and the projects they were working on. I arrived late, at the tail end of Mark Power’s talk. The Underground at the Drake was packed. If you’re short like me you really need to arrive at events like this on time. I stood on my tip toes and watched and listened as each photographer went through their photos. Of the group, I enjoyed Chien-Chi Chang’s ‘talk’ the best, though mostly he made sarcastic remarks, asked for more drinks, and stood in silence. The photographs for his new project on Chinese immigrants living in New York who have been seperated from their family for years are amazing. There is another talk happening on Thursday i’ll definitely have to check out. This Friday there is an exhibit on war photography by Magnum I think everyone should go see.



  1. oh snap, i was there too, riiiight in the front! you’re right, Chien-Chi’s I enjoyed the most, I loved that part about “I suffer from CRS” “Can’t remember shit” and his work is really interesting. I really do think Bruno should get high again and take photos. Mark Power’s was really god damn long, I’d say you came in at the right time, cept’ for tip toes part.

    take care!

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