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Medieval Times

   29 April 2006, mid-afternoon

Dave turns 26 today. To celebrate a few of us went to Medieval Times last night. Medieval Times is strange; it’s a dinner and show, the show being a medieval tournement of sorts. Everyone working there is in character—for the most part—as some sort of person you would find in the middle ages: squires, knights, wenches, and what have you. You cheer for your knight as he does the sorts of things knights used to do. It’s so ridiculous it’s hard not to enjoy yourself I suppose. The place was a lot more packed then I had imagined it would be. The food was alright, but I guess you aren’t really going for the food. It was an expensive night out, but one that will be hard to forget. Huzzah.

A knight at Medieval times



  1. Whose idea was it to go to Medieval times? As soon as I read Medieval times I instantly thought of Dumb and Dumber.

  2. It was Dave’s idea. Not sure why he decided to go. It was definitely something different to do.

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