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All the Tamil people you know already know all the other Tamil people you will ever meet

   15 January 2006, mid-afternoon

When Tyler introduced me to Haran, I had already met him. I had been introduced to him by my friend Yang several months earlier. Tyler had been witness to what I will call the all the Tamil people you know already know all the other Tamil people you will ever meet effect. When I met M.I.A., I had assumed that this was the first time I had met her; this was a foolish mistake on my part—especially since we both lived in England at the same time.

Now, when I mentioned seeing a Tamil rapper to my parents, they thought that was kind of neat, and didn’t think anything more of it. Today, my mom hands me the phone. It’s an “aunt” from London, one of our close family friends. After some discussion of how our respective new years were, how work is going, and other such things, she starts asking about M.I.A., because it turns out the girl is her (much) younger cousin. They all lived in London when we did. My mom & dad remember M.I.A. and her family and am shocked that I don’t. I can’t remember last week, let alone what I was up to when I was 4, so I think this shock is unfounded. It’s a strange, small world. When my parents were last in London, some time in the summer, they were told that such-and-such’s daughter was a rapper that was doing OK in the UK, but was much more popular overseas. Why they would assume there were two such Tamil rappers is beyond me, but they did.

Do you know any Tamil people? Chances are I know them. Seriously.



  1. There is a variation of this in India. These days it seems almost every family has someone overseas or atleast knows someone who is overseas.

    The Sri Lankan cricket team is coming to Adelaide next week. I will ask around ;)

  2. Well the Sri Lankan Cricket team is pretty much entirely Singhalese, so this wouldn’t work.

  3. I meant people in the crowd. The team I know is mostly Singhalese.

  4. I’m so happy! I was bored that there were no Tamil rappers! Then finaly there came some Tamil rappers! I love M.I.A songs! She rocks.

    [ed. edited so it didn't make my eyes bleed. Luv, Noe, Dere, Dat and Rockx are not words.]

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