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Micheal Jackson is Awesome

   3 June 2006, mid-afternoon

Back at home this weekend, Ahilan showed me a clip of Micheal Jackson performing in New York back in 2001. Micheal Jackson is the greatest. I really don’t think I can truly respect someone who doesn’t like Micheal Jackson. After watching that video, I watched his performace at the 25th Aniversary of Motown show. That was the first time he ever did the Moonwalk. Then I watched him and his brothers perform I Want You Back, which is also amazing. You should definetly watch his performace at the 1988 Grammy Awards. He’s singing Man in the Mirror; it’s a very good performance. I think 1988 was a good year for Jackson. There is so much good stuff on YouTube.

(I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Emm Gryner’s brilliant cover of Beat It, which is so damn good.)

Update June 25th 2009: RIP Michael Jackson.



  1. All of em are fantastic videos. Seeing the Motown video was awesome cus the crowd gasps when he does the moonwalk for the first time. I still think the NYC performance was amazing, I’m shocked he can still dance like that. The moonwalk and the ending bit are so impressive. Damn.. Greatest.Entertainer.Ever.

  2. “Yo, that’s how much we love Michael. We love Michael so much, we let the first kid slide. ‘Like c’mon man, the man did Billie Jean. Leave him alone.’”

    – chris rock

    “my theory in america, if you come out with a really great product all is forgiven. if micheal jackson came out with a record as good as Thriller tommorow, he could sleep with as many little boys as he wants to.”

    – bill maher on amazon fishbowl
  3. Mesu Kasumai — Beep It

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